When Denis Lussier founded his company in 1987, he was not at his first dealings in the field of trucks. Actually, he had already been working as such for several years when he founded MACHINERIES & CAMIONS DENIS LUSSIER ENRG. His offices were in his home and his wife Claire as well as his two children, France and Pascal gave him unfailing support. In 1993, he changed the name of his business to LES CAMIONS ET PIECES DENIS LUSSIER INC. Today, he occupies the entire building of his beginnings and has even acquired new buildings in order to handle the demands of his growing clientele. At the administrative level, his wife Claire continues to bring him her implication and unconditional support, while his two children, France and Pascal, work full-time for the family business.

Modern means of communication such as Internet and business agreements like globalization as well as The North American Free Trade Agreement, and soon.

American Free Trade Zone, render the borders obstacle-free to business dealings between countries and even continents. LES CAMIONS & PIECES DENIS LUSSIER INC. hasn't missed this trend and has seen its requests for exports increase considerably due to its long-time habit of exporting trucks and/or parts. Because of the ever-increasing transaction volume, its choice of models and/or parts increases daily and, by the same token, so does the variety. Furthermore, our prices are very competitive.

LES CAMIONS & PIECES DENIS LUSSIER INC. can help you dispatch your goods to foreign countries as this is a service which has been offered to its customers for a long time. It has a longtime expertise as it has exported almost everywhere in the world in order to satisfy its foreign customers and as such, knows all the steps to be taken to successfully export. We can also receive your container on site and load it with your order.

Don't hesitate to contact us as our qualified and attentive personnel will be happy to serve and inform you regarding this subject.